About RebeccasReads

Find out more about what we do and submission guidelines by visiting RebeccasReads.com

In The Beginning…

Rebecca Brown began Rebecca’s Reads in 1998 in hopes to spread the word of the more unusual, less read books. The intent was always to entertain, inform and hopefully convince visitors to purchase and try out these unknown titles.

In July of 2006, Rebecca retired from reviewing and since then, we have  carried on the legacy that Rebecca Brown lovingly created.


In January 2008, the site was revived and continues to flourish under new management. It took six weeks to build a new look, but it was worth the wait. During that time, we reviewed books and connected with authors and publishers. We acquired a team of competent reviewers, many being experts in the field of the genre they review.

In September 2013, we decided to take our services a step further and offer more of what authors need and readers want! Book By Book Publicity was proud to manage Rebecca’s Reads to continue on what Rebecca Brown started!

And Now…

RebeccasReads has found its final home with Say What? Savannah Mae. With a fresh look and a great personality, Say What? Savannah Mae creates even more hype, hitting the social media scenes and bringing a more fun and exciting ideas to give books the boost they deserve!

Po Box 91053
6104 Old Fredericksburg Rd #91053
Austin TX 78709

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