Book Review: ‘Trends Waves Windows & Bubbles’ by Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.

TrendsWavesWindowsBubblesThe wave moves onto shore as the pressure of consumer demand moves the wave to full height. The wave breaks when other manufacturers enter the market, and the prices disintegrate as the wave crashes onto the shore,” this is how Dr. Kenneth J. Thurber entices the average entrepreneur with his captivating business philosophies. “Trends Waves Windows & Bubbles,” there you have it …all spelled out to help clarify when to make a move on solid creative ideas!

Dr. Kenneth Thurber has interesting viewpoints relating to business productivity cycles. This book is not for the average reader, but intended to teach the new business person to make good marketing and production decisions.

I certainly agree with the fact that good ideas have “their time” in the market, and it is not easy to know when to make your move. The “housing bubble” is an example that drives home the concept of “bubbles” that burst, which makes it easy for us all to understand. Dr. Thurber has determined that when bubbles burst that is proof of a wave being puffed up and that causes “economic instability.” The good news is he says there is hope and all is not always lost, but you must reinvent your position if your bubble burst!

“Trends Waves Windows & Bubbles” talks in depth about knowing when to ride a wave; when that wave is not strong enough, such as putting your product on the market too late. Disturbances and fluctuation in the markets are not easy to read but history shows trends and Dr. Thurber makes good sense of a difficult position in the way he ties it all together.

The author succinctly takes you through a business process so you see when a good idea can be capitalized on, whether it is yours or someone else’s. Dr. Thurber uses the analogy of the ocean and the weather dictates the types of waves it will produce. This book is much the like the weather, it can help you predict trends and waves and bubbles that can show you the way. Although this is the third book of a series, this book could be a stand-alone guide based on the good business insight Dr. Thurber provides, for any new start-up or a seasoned business owner looking for the next step for a “good idea!”

Trends Waves Windows & Bubbles
Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D.
Digital Systems Press (2014)
ISBN: 9780983342465
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Rebecca’s Reads (5/14)


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