Book Review: Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren

BuriedThreadsI’ve recently finished reading “Buried Threads” by author Kaylin McFarren, and while I found this book to be an interesting read, there were some fairly serious aspects I struggled with.

When I initially perused “Buried Threads” back cover, I was intrigued by its synopsis: two successful treasure hunters; on their way to Japan, to recover a priceless artifact from a sunken ship. The “priceless artifact” needing to be recovered is, in fact, one of three ancient Samurai swords that will be also be required if these fearless treasure hunters are to save Japan from a catastrophic natural disaster. A chain of unnatural events that was previously set into motion by the theft of this cursed blade…

As I began to read “Buried Threads,” I was initially transported into the story as McFarren is a good writer. It also helped that the plot, and the various characters, were quite interesting. Unfortunately, my captivation was short lived. Once McFarren began writing about the underwater scenes within “Buried Threads,” believability was washed out. While I am not a dive instructor, I have enough personal experience (as well as enough dive buddies/instructor friends) to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is factual and realistic underwater versus what is not.

I could have even overlooked the many serious, and blatantly obvious, problems except for the fact that “Buried Threads” is definitely part “Adventure” read. The diving/underwater treasure hunting is predominately featured on the jacket’s back, and it also plays an integral role in the story. It’s the main reason that I wished to read this book, and quite possibly the reason other people/dive enthusiasts will choose to pick it up. It is imperative that in any Action/Adventure novel there always be a full understanding of the realistic working(s) of any activity that one is trying to convey. I doubt dive author greats like Cussler would have gotten very far without adherence to that rule…

As I have stated previously, McFarren is a good writer, and if one can get through/overlook the underwater sections then most readers of adventure/romance genres will probably enjoy this read.

In summary, as far as plot/story, “Buried Threads” merits four stars. As far as needed/required believability, “Buried Threads” merits two stars. Hence my three star rating.

Buried Threads
Kaylin McFarren
Creative Edge Publishing, Inc. (2013)
ISBN: 9781492120469
Reviewed by Author Charline Ratcliff for Rebecca’s Reads (1/14)


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