Book Review: Nothing More, Nothing Less by Ashley Dukart


Honorable Mention: Indie
Honorable Mention: eBook

NothingMoreNothingLessNothing More, Nothing Less” by Ashley Dukart has to be one of the hardest books to read. Not because it wasn’t good, it was because it hit close to home. A struggle with a family member being an addict and not knowing what to do to help them, this is the addict’s story.

Brandon is the youngest of three brothers. He is also one to find his mother after she commits suicide, add this on top of their father leaving the family. It was all Brandon’s fault. His escape into the dark side spins out of control. His older brothers Cole and Ace cannot do anything to stop him. Everything they do to try to save Brandon is done in vain.

A long lost love returns, making Brandon question if his life was worth living. He knew he didn’t want to die but his addiction was out of control. Stepping out way to far one night leads to a slew of events that are happening to Brandon, none of them good.

Reach into the heart and soul of an addict that wants help but doesn’t know how to ask for it. One who doesn’t know if life is worth living and has no one to understand the sorrow inside? We all deal with grief differently but when the line is crossed it is often too late for many.

Nothing More, Nothing Less” by Ashley Dukart was a beautiful disaster. There is no way to love the circumstance but the art of the writing is the beautiful part. Laying it out on the line, I can image that this tale stems from something either Ashley herself has dealt with or something she has witnessed. When the story comes to and end, it leaves room for me to use my imagination on what happens next but also leaves it open for a continuation. I hope there is more because from the start, my heart was touched and torn apart all at the same time.

Nothing More, Nothing Less
Ashley Dukart
Beaver’s Pond Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781592985517
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Rebecca’s Read (12/13)


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