Poster Girl: Erotic Musings of an ER Physician

Catherine Jessica Jones, better
known in the novel as C.J., is introduced to us in the first chapter when she
finds herself a patient in the same emergency room where she works. Knocked out
cold by a patient she was treating, C.J. wakes up to find herself in the
capable hands of Dr. Dan Brown, Chief of Surgery. Dan Brown is considered by
most women at the hospital as the hottest doctor around, and one who makes the
rounds romancing the women in the hospital.  
C.J. is no exception to the physical attraction of Dr. Brown, but
resists the physical reactions of her body while being examined by Dr.
Dan.  Not wanting to stay in the hospital
any longer, C.J. argues with Dan about going home.  Little did she know that Dan would take her
home and then stay to care for her.

C.J. wakes up the next day to
find herself in a very uncomfortable situation. 
Dan is still in her house to take care of her.  C.J. is very aware of the sexual energy
between her and Dan when he helps her take a bath, making the situation even
more uncomfortable. Over the course of several days, C.J. and Dan get to know
each other and C.J. reveals the reason why she is still a virgin. Dan’s tender
reaction fuels the unrequited sexual urges in C.J. and begins to breach the
door to her sexuality. Dan teaches C.J. the finer points of sex and opens her
mind to different sexual experiences she never thought possible for

All hell breaks loose when Dan
has to suspend C.J. from the hospital. 
C.J. leaves Portland and runs back to what is familiar and safe, Hawaii.
Beginning a new job, she tries to leave the past behind until Dr. Dan arrives
to rekindle her body and her heart.  

While I enjoyed the premise of
this story, I found the depth of emotion in the characters and plot line
lacking. The novel is written in a very clinical manner leaving this reader
wanting more emotional connection to the characters and to the scenes involving
the characters. The “erotic musings” weren’t really that erotic and far too
clinical to evoke a physical response or provide for a true erotic fantasy
experience. I feel that more focus on the plot of the story would have enhanced
the emotional connection of Dan and C.J. to the reader. I also felt like the
last two chapters were a letdown from the rest of the story. I would have been
happy as a reader with a short epilogue of the future outcome of C.J. and Dan.
This book has great potential from the reader’s perspective if characters,
relationships and plot line could be better developed to keep the reader

Poster Girl: Erotic
Musings of an ER Physician

Joni McPherron
Sartoris Literary Group (2013)
ISBN 9780985885236
Reviewed by Christine Rodriguez for Rebecca’s Reads (06/13)


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