Dreams Unveiled

I recently finished reading “Dreams Unveiled” by new author Peggy Lara. The premise of this fiction / romance / suspense novel is as follows: Holly McPhearson has finally met the man of her dreams. He’s charming, kind, great with her son and best of all? He’s a successful businessman and doesn’t need her to support him. Oh right! And he actually loves her for her! Sounds great and Holly too is definitely in love, the only problem is that Robert’s past is coming back to haunt her.

Three years prior to Holly, Robert was engaged to be married but his fiancée was murdered in his house the night before their wedding. After deciding that Robert was no longer a murder suspect the police finally settled on the belief that the killing was an unfortunate byproduct of a badly botched burglary. However, one of the detectives assigned to the case never completely bought into that theory.

With Holly and Robert’s big day fast approaching detective Melanie Sanders is more convinced than ever that some important piece of this investigation was overlooked. If Robert’s fiancée wasn’t murdered because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, then will Melanie be able to figure out what really happened with enough time left to save Holly’s life? I guess you will have to read “Dreams Unveiled” for yourself to find the answer to that question.

All in all, I found “Dreams Unveiled” to be an interesting read. I enjoyed the ironic twist of the book’s title and I would say that Lara has a gift for storytelling. I wasn’t completely fooled as to where the tale was going or even who the real culprit was but it made for an enjoyable airplane read on my way to Maui. It would have made a great beach read too if the flight itself wasn’t oh so long!

In summary, a good book; a fun read. The plot is believable; the dialogue between characters flows well and for the most part the book transitions seamlessly from one scene to the next. Anyone who enjoys reading fiction / romance / light suspense will probably appreciate this title and the author did a great job of keeping the grisly aspects out of this book making it age appropriate for young adults as well.

Dreams Unveiled
Peggy Lara
American Book Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781589826557
Reviewed by Charline Ratcliff for RebeccasReads (6/12)


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