The Art of Looking into the Future

“The Art of Looking into the Future” is a brilliant book, which has some incredible insights. Technology is ruling the world today and will continue to do so in the future. Our future – people’s future, the planet’s future, it all depends on the technological forces and how they evolve throughout the years. Looking back at the past, it is incredible to see how far our civilization has come in the past century, and how much the pace of technological innovation has picked up in recent years. It is not a surprise that we have become dependent on technology with no turning back.

The author – R.S. Amblee does a tremendous job in evaluating the present and recent past and drawing logical conclusions for what the future has in store for us. With careful analysis and deep understanding of how economies and industries work, the pages tell a serious story of possibilities that we can expect in a number of years. It is important to learn from the past and present, allowing to make assumptions, which are not so farfetched. The five key principles guiding our path towards the future are driving force, globalization, automation, technological evolution, and economic recession, all of which are discussed with great detail and insight by the author.
One of the most fascinating parts of the book is the section on solving various crises – energy, stock market, real estate, healthcare, all of which are hot topics today and will not disappear from the radar in the near future. The author provides logical solutions, some of which are more promising than others, with some being very convincing.

This is a wonderful book for anyone interested in understanding more about the world we live in and looking to find out about what can be expected. Well written and concise, this text is hard to put down once the pages started turning!

The Art of Looking into the Future
R.S. Amblee
Gloture Books (2011)
ISBN 9780983157403
Reviewed by Andrey Bilko for RebeccasReads (5/12)


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