The Dream Master

I recently finished reading “The Dream Master: Baghdad to Wallstreet; The Rise of a Hollywood Mogul” and I have to tell you it was an incredible book. The author, Joseph Mazin, is an amazing writer; the story flows easily across the pages and the characters / plot are completely believable.

“The Dream Master: Baghdad to Wallstreet; The Rise of a Hollywood Mogul” begins with a triumphant celebration for Michael Nash the business genius also known as “the Wolf of Wall Street.” Years before this nick name had been given to Michael in derision by a sixty-five year old president of a prestigious banking firm who felt that Michael needed to be “put in his place.” Now, years later, Michael has achieved staggering accomplishments in the corporate world; he has achieved everything he set out to and more and “the Wolf of Wall Street” is now a term of respect, awe and admiration.

After meeting Michael, as he celebrated reaching the final pinnacle of his many successes, we travel back in time to the year 1919: Baghdad, Iraq. There we meet fourteen-year-old Samson Naquash, Michael’s father, and as we watch his history unfold we realize where Michael’s incredible drive and determination comes from. Between 1919 and 1949 Samson had amassed a fortune worth five million dollars but due to World War II Samson chose to leave almost all the fortune behind in order to bring his family to the safety of America.

We follow along as the Naquash family sets down roots in New York; change their last name to the much more easily pronounced Nash and begin their life anew. Unfortunately for you I’m not going to provide any further details about the story found within the pages of “The Dream Master: Baghdad to Wallstreet; The Rise of a Hollywood Mogul.” If you’re interested in knowing the “rest of the story” then you’ll need to get your hands on your very own copy…

In closing, a fantastic fictional read made even better by the consistent use of real world history. “The Dream Maker: Baghdad to Wallstreet; The Rise of a Hollywood Mogul” definitely merits that coveted five star rating…

The Dream Master
Joseph Mazin
AuthorHouse (2011)
ISBN 9781463419592
Reviewed by Charline Ratcliff for RebeccasReads (1/12)


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