A Perfect Lawn?

“A Perfect Lawn?” is a collection of poems by Carl G. Ferrel.  In the biographical section of the book, Ferrel states, “I write about a variety of subjects; love, friendship, family, nature, social issues, etc.  I would like to see world peace, and an end to world hunger, and the formation of an international coalition to protect and preserve the earth and its inhabitants and strive for an ecological balance between man and nature that will allow both to survive and prosper.”  (p. 105)

True to his statement, Ferrel does incorporate a wide variety of subjects into his newest collection, “A Perfect Lawn?”  On one page there is a poem about a day at the beach and then on another there is a poem about death.

There is a strong “green” theme running throughout the book.  The poem for which the book is named delves into the price of having the perfect lawn.  It begins with the following verse:

“Poison, poison, everywhere.
Poison your neighbors.
Poison your friends.
Poison your children.
Again and again.” (p.27)

Then Ferrel goes on to talk about how the quest for the perfect lawn poisons the environment and kills people.  Ferrel has very strong opinions about environmental issues and these feelings are prevalent in much of his work.

Ferrel has compiled an interesting collection of thought-provoking poems.  As you turn the pages you never know what is going to come next!  One page could contain a happy, feel-good poem and the next could be a shocking poem containing darker subject matter.  Overall, the book will certainly hold your attention.

A Perfect Lawn?
C.G. Ferrel
Acheulan Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9780972968430
Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads (1/12)


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