Searchial Marketing: how social media drives search optimization in web 3.0

This is an extremely helpful and easy-to-follow book about online marketing or “searchial” marketing, a term coined by the author, representing an intersection between social media and internet search engines. After discovering Facebook, the author, a medical doctor, realized the capabilities of such powerful tool. Building business relationships and spreading your name and your business became easier than ever, and most importantly – practically free. The times are changing, and old marketing strategies like direct mail, print advertisements are much less powerful now. People obtain much of their information online. Plus, almost everyone participates in the online social world, being introduced to new people, not just for fun and giggles, but also for business. It is no surprise that LinkedIn appeared soon after Facebook bringing professionals together and allowing everyone to built unique networks with people around the globe.

Today, most people are not searching their giant Yellow Pages books if they need a professional to do something for them, but typing their request in a search engine instead. It is especially crucial for small businesses to have a significant presence online, where new customers can be reached.  Many times consumers do not even trust businesses, which are not listed online, since no feedback can be found, etc. It is absolutely necessary for a business to show up in a search. This book gives practical advice and specific pointers on how to optimize such searches to business owner’s benefit, how to conquer the online world.

There are boundless opportunities to spread information about a business using online resources like Twitter, blogs, review sites, and lots more. Dr. Glazier touches on all of these valuable tools with much detail and real-world applicability. If one wishes to know more about these modern marketing strategies to help their business, this book is an extremely valuable asset.

Since the author is an eye doctor, he specializes in applying searchial marketing strategies to the medical and health care fields. There a number of appendices at the end of the book describing specific advice to medical professionals, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies.

I would recommend "Searchial Marketing" to anyone interested in gaining more costumer or fan base through web-based resources. The process is not as easy as it seems, but with necessary information, it becomes very doable and useful.

Searchial Marketing: how social media drives search optimization in web 3.0

Dr. Alan Glazier
AuthorHouse (2011)
ISBN 9781456738921
Reviewed by Andrey Bilko for RebeccasReads (11/11)


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