The Golden Spark

TheGoldenSpark“The floor rolled sharply and Meagan fell hard against a wall.  A tide of cold water sloshed over her feet.  All around in the darkness were piercing screams of horses and the thudding concussion of hooves.  The floor rolled the other way and Meagan felt herself sliding.  She leaned to stay against the wall, but there was nothing to hold.”  (p.3)

So begins “The Golden Spark,” John Royce’s second book in “The Legend of the Great Horse” trilogy.  Don’t worry if you haven’t read the first book in the series, “Eclipsed by Shadow” as the author provides a special note to those who haven’t in the beginning of the book.  He gives a brief summary and then reprints the last chapter of the first book so that those who are unfamiliar with the tale can get caught up.  I found this to be a nice touch.

Another helpful addition is the seven page glossary at the end of the novel.  Being that the story is set in time periods long ago there are many unfamiliar terms used throughout the book.  The glossary is extremely helpful in deciphering the meaning of these words that are not used often today.

“The Golden Spark” is a tale that will appeal to young readers of fantasy and particularly readers interested in horsemanship.  The story is magical and enchanting and the writing moves along at a nice pace as we follow Meagan on her journey through history.  I think that it could easily be turned into a movie.  I look forward to the continuation of Meagan’s story in Book 3.

The Golden Spark
John Royce
Micron Press (2011)
ISBN 9780972412162
Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads (11/11)




    1. The Golden Spark wins 1st Place in 2012 Written Arts Awards! –The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy
    2. Written Arts Awards: The Golden Spark is “Magical and Enchanting” –The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy

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