Online Book Marketing: The Least Expensive, Most Effective Ways to Create Book Buzz

It may seem obvious that the advertising of today and immediate future lies within internet and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. A range of events and groups are created on Facebook every day, sharing various ideas with people around the globe. Celebrities, companies, and politicians have thousands of followers on Twitter, who feed off every character posted. And Youtube videos provide endless hours of entertainment and useful information. It is those, who know how to use these outlets to their advantage end up benefiting the most. With all of these services being offered free of charge, there are no limitations for anyone in being able to use them. The key is to know how to use these major channels and many others to help in achieving your own goal, which in this case is selling a book.

Writing a book, getting it published is tough enough. However, today, it is much easier to self-publish and get those paragraphs professionally bound. But without proper marketing, the published work will just sit or lay there. The essential challenge is to reach the audience, tell people about that special book.

Lorraine Phillips covers the topic of online marketing from head to toe, laying everything out in a clear and logical manner. While reading “Online Book Marketing," it becomes obvious how necessary it is to advertise the recently published book together with the author by building off pre-existing online platforms. Building a website and making the search engine work for you, creating podcasts and video trailers allow for the book to be put on display with a wide outreach, which would not have been possible just ten years ago. And the best part of these advertisement campaigns – they are practically free, requiring the author to just put in some extra time in developing their product, which should be fun anyway.

I would definitely recommend "Online Book Marketing" for those, who are preparing to self-publish their book or have recently published one already, as well as for someone interested in publishing but is hesitant about the future success and upcoming obstacles in reaching the appropriate and wide readership. This is a wonderful resource for the contemporary world of online marketing, pin-pointed toward books.

Online Book Marketing: The Least Expensive, Most Effective Ways to Create Book Buzz
Lorraine Phillips
360 Books, LLC (2011)
ISBN 9780982276556
Reviewed by Andrey Bilko for RebeccasReads (09/11)


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