Book review: Lost on Route 66: Tales from the Mother Road by Katelyn Bohl and Eric Wilder

51hOflmL7uL._SL250_“If you are intrigued by the romance of Route 66 but aren’t ready just yet to head up the road in a red Corvette or a 1989 Ford Bronco, as Sir Paul drove, then read ‘Lost on Route 66’ and take a memorable mental ride in a 1955 two-door red and white Ford Crown Vic.  Join a young woman at her father’s dry-dirt Oklahoma farm as she watched the procession of Okies leave for a better life in California.  Listen to the mournful whistle of the slow-moving trains as they traverse a rainstorm in Gallup, New Mexico.  Ride an old Appaloosa on its last journey, and watch the sunset in Arizona on a majestic saguaro cactus.”  (p.7, Foreword by r.r. bryan)

“Lost on Route 66: Tales from the Mother Road” is a compilation of nostalgic tales centering on the famous Route 66.  I think everyone has heard of Route 66, but I believe that most people, me included, have never had the chance to drive down this historic highway.  It was really heartwarming to read the stories and memories associated with this particular road.

Among my favorites in the book, was the story by Luke Black entitled “Pop Hick’s, America’s Kitchen.” This particular piece was about a college student setting off to find a diner to study in.  The one in the town in which he lived was a picture of chaos and he decided to leave town and find a different one.  In the process of doing so he found himself on the famed Route 66 to which he felt an instant connection to.  Along this route he discovered Pop Hick’s, a longstanding diner.  He recounts his experience in Pop Hick’s that night and on subsequent visits.  Unfortunately the story has a sad ending, but I truly enjoyed this well-written piece.

Route 66 is such a wonderful part of American history and I hope one day to be able to travel along this famed road.  Reading the stories in “Lost on Route 66: Tales from the Mother Road” definitely makes me want to explore it even more.  What a great compilation of memories!

Lost on Route 66: Tales from the Mother Road
Katelyn Bohl and Eric Wilder
Gondwana Press (2010)
ISBN 9780979116513
Reviewed by Kam Aures for (05/10)


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